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DESKTOP DIGITAL TORQUE forthe measurement in clockwise and anticlockwise direction
For calibrate of torque keys and torque screwdrivers
SQUARE drive process coupling (UNI ISO 1174-1)Nominal torque from 0,5 N•m to 2000 N•mLinearity and Hysteresis 0,20%Output RS232 on request

 Product Description 

Suitable in industrial or laboratory for calibration and metrological confirmation of dinamometirche keys, screwdrivers with direct reading or snap
Internal batteriesautonomy about 200 hours without recharging
High mechanical resistance
Measurement unit N•m
Function ofi ZERO, PEAK, 1° PEAK, FILTER and  RESOLUTIN programmable.
Sensor made of stainless steel.Housing made of aluminum.Degree of protection IP40Long term stability.



Operation for the calibration of torque keys.
Mechanical support equipped with a double linear guide for the calibration and the control of release or direct reading torque keys which allows the application of the load in a gradual and continuous way, by respecting the reference norm UNI EN ISO 26789 (2004).
The support shall be combined with one or more digital torque meters for bench type BTR to be purchased separately.
Block made of aluminium section.
Adaptable to all types of torque key.
Reduce the effort of the operator and allow to keep the torque applied constant by ensuring a better precision and repeatability of the measurements.
Available ranges : 1000Nm or 2000Nm.

he Software was designed to perform the calibration of torque tools comparing them to reference tools.The calibration procedure is performed in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 6789.Evaluation of the uncertainty of calibration is performed according to the requirements of the UNI CEI ENV 13005th.

Serial cable RS232
Adapter RS232 - USB

  Case for transport

BTRSpecial version (no indicatorwith direct cable outlet to be connected to external indicator.

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