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Professional ergonomic indicator extremely versatile and easy to be used for measurement of FORCE, WEIGHT, PRESSURE (gas), VACUUM, TORQUE and DISPLACEMENT.
Pressure transducers INSIDE
Coupling: 1/8" GAS Female
RELATVE pressures from 100 mbar to 5 bar
ABSOLUTE pressures from 500 mbar to 5 bar (barometric pressure)
DIFFERENTIAL pressures from 100 mbar to 5 barOPERATES UNTIL 7 EXTERNAL SENSORS with ABSOLUTE pressures from 5 bar to 2000 barProgrammable DATA LOGGER
Accuracy: 0,10% and 0,05%
Applications in GAS and AIR (NO liquids)
USB output

Product Description 
Metal case
Backlit graphic display High resolution
Recharge internal batteries
24 hours of autonomy
Protection class IP40
Functions: ZERO, FILTER, PEAK, AUTO POWER OFF and Data Logger
USB output
Complete with power supply and USB cable

  Case for transport

Quik Analyzer Light:
Software for monitoring analyzing and recording the run of tests which can involve up to 1 instrument.

The Software is designed to facilitate calibration and metrological confirmation of gauges that measure in both positive and vacuum in accordance with International Standard EN ISO 9001.The calibration procedure and calculations are made in accordance with the requirements of the "Guide for the calibration of pressure gauges" EA-10/17.

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