Jumat, 18 Maret 2016


aep TP8

Pressure transducers for RELATIVE, ABSOLUTE and VACUUM measures
Nominal pressures from 5 bar to 1000 bar
Output 2mV/V
Linearity and hysteresis 0,50%


Product Description 

Pressure transmitters belonging to TP8 series, born to solve problems in food industrial sectors, are now commonly used in those productive processes where pressure or level measurements of dense substances are required.
Protruding diaphragm enable to perform an accurate cleaning of the sensor and to prevent from forming of residuals on the measuring area.
The pressure transmitters of this series are characterized by high reliability and long-term stability.
High mechanical strength, suitable for dynamic applications.
The sensitive part in contact with pressure, is entirely made of 17-4 PH stainless steel resistant to corrosion.
Protection class IP65
Process coupling FLANGE
Cable Output

 Calibration Report

 ACCREDIA certificate

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