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KOEHLER K27100 Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Apparatus & Data Acquisition Software

KOEHLER K27100 Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Apparatus & Data Acquisition Software

Test Method
Determines the ‘carbon residue’ left after evaporation and pyrolysis of a sample oil in the Ramsbottom furnace, providing an indication of the deposit forming tendencies of fuels and guidelines for the processing of refinery products.

Features and Benefits
• Conforms to ASTM D524 and related specifications

• Microprocessor temperature control with digital display and over-temperature cut-off

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K27100 Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Apparatus
Thermostatically controlled coking furnace for five samples. Cast-iron block type furnace reaches the standard test temperature of 550°C (1022°F) rapidly and controls with ±1°C stability. Microprocessor temperature control has °C/°F switchable digital setpoint and display. Operator and equipment are protected by an over-temperature control circuit which automatically interrupts power to the unit should block temperature exceed the programmed cut-off point. Communications software (RS232, etc.), ramp-to-set and other enhanced features are available as extra cost options. Contact your Koehler representative for information. Heavily insulated stainless steel cabinet with three-layer refractory top provides excellent heat retention.

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D524, D6074; IP 14; ISO 4262; FTM 791-5002; NF T 60-117
Furnace Type: Cast iron block
Capacity: 5 coking bulbs
Maximum Temperature: 650°C (1200°F)
Controller Sensitivity: ±1°C (± 2°F)
Heater: 0-2400W, ceramic band heater
Electrical Requirements
115V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 20.8A
220-240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 10.9A
Dimensions Ixwxh,in.(cm)
16x21.5x14.5 (41x55x37)
Net Weight: 64 lbs (29kg)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 78 lbs (35kg)
Dimensions: 8.2 Cu. ft.

K27100-SFW Ramsbottom Software
Ramsbottom Software retrieves temperature data and automatically performs calculations of carbon residue or carbon residue on 10% distillate as per ASTM D524 in real-time. Direct communication with the Koehler analytical balance eliminates weighing errors and provides hands-free data acquisition. The sophisticated Windows®-based software package features an easy-to-navigate operation, a straightforward user interface, minimal draw on Windows® memory resources, automatic real-time data acquisition via RS232 connection, and a timer / stopwatch feature for general laboratory use. The "test intelligent" software simplifies the testing process by providing sequential test prompts for assisting the operator with each step of the test procedure. The active zoom, pan, and trace feature allows the ability to change axes and the magnification of any sector of the pressure or temperature graphs to view data in greater detail. The final test data is exported with graphs and test parameters either directly to Microsoft® Excel, in ASCII file format for use with LIMS or any other spreadsheet programs, or directly to a printer with a test report according to ISO guidelines. Test data is saved in a database format for determining test averages, standard deviations, and ASTM test repeatability. The software package requires no PC hardware installation and includes the software installation CD and computer connection cables.

Computer Requirements
PC Processor: Intel® Pentium II or similar (minimum)
Processor Speed: 500 MHz or higher
Operating System: Windows ® 98 SE, 2000, NT, ME, XP
Memory (RAM): 64 Mb RAM (128 Mb RAM recommended)
Hard Disk Space: 15 Mb free space (minimum)
Communication Ports: one or two RS232 ports
Other Software: Microsoft ® Excel (97 or above)

For a complete demonstration of the Ramsbottom Software Package and its capabilities, please download a copy of the demo version (6.9MB file). After installing the demo software, you will be prompted to quickly register the demo with Koehler via email.

Click here to download the software demo.

Ordering Information
Product Description
Electrical Requirements
K27100Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Apparatus
115V, 50/60Hz
K27190Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Apparatus
220-240V, 50/60Hz
Ramsbottom Data Acquistion Software

Product Description
332-007-001Coking Bulb
Pyrex™, with capillary
Conforms to ASTM D524 specifications
362-010-001Sample Charging Syringe
382-018-001Needle, 18 gauge, 2"
K27320Coking Bulb Filling Device
Convenient time saving device fills up to five coking bulbs at a time. Ideal for viscous fluids that are difficult to handle at room temperature.
K27200Control Bulb
Stainless steel, with IC thermocouple.
May be used with a thermocouple pyrometer* to verify compliance of the furnace with ASTM performance requirements.
K29310Digital Thermometer, 115V
K29319Digital Thermometer, 220-240V

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