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KOEHLER K31800 Distillation Apparatus

KOEHLER K31800 Distillation Apparatus

Test Method
Determines the water content in petroleum products, tars, emulsified asphalts and other bituminous materials by the distillation method.

Features and Benefits
• Conforms to ASTM D95, E123, D244 and related specifications

K31800 Distillation Apparatus
Consists of still, ring burner, glassware and all mounting hardware.

Conforms to the specifications of:
ASTM D95, E123, D244, D370*; AASHTO T55, T59; API MPMS Ch. 10.5; IP 74, 291; FTM 791-3001; ISO 3733; NF T 60-113
*requires different glassware–information is available upon request.

Shipping Information
K31800: Shipping Weight: 10 lbs (4.5kg)
Dimensions: 1.3 Cu. ft.
K31810/K31820: Shipping Weight: 18 lbs (8.2kg)
Dimensions: 2.8 Cu. ft.

Ordering Information
Product Description
K31800Metal Still
Plated brass and copper, with lid and clamp assembly, gasket and O-ring seal.
K31910Ring Burner, 5" (12.7cm) dia.
K31810Glassware Set
Includes 400mL condenser, 10mL and 25mL receiving traps.
K31820Mounting Equipment
Consists of stand and connecting hardware.

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