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KOEHLER KLA-6 Automatic Filter Plugging Tendency Analyzer (FPT)

KOEHLER KLA-6 Automatic Filter Plugging Tendency Analyzer (FPT)

KLA-6 Automatic Filter Plugging Tendency Analyzer (FPT)
• Integrated Cooling System equipped with a single stage gas motor compressor CFC free
• Measuring device complete with support for filter, Beakers, PT100 sensor Class A, level sensor, pressure gauge, tubes and joints.
• Pump 20 mL/min
• 6.4” TFT/LCD built-in touch screen panel PC for the managing of the analyzer by means of Lab-Link Software
• USB connection to an external printer or external PC
• Storage capacity for more than 60,000 analysis

Test Method
Determines the Filter Plugging Tendency (FPT) of distillate fuel oils where the end use demands an exceptional degree of cleanliness. This test is applicable to fuels within the viscosity range of 1.50 to 6.00 mm2/s (cSt) at 40°C. The test is not applicable to fuels that are not clear and bright because water interferes with the measurement of filter plugging. Causes of poor filterability might include fuel degradation products, contaminants picked up during storage or transfer, or interaction of the fuel with the filter media. Any of these could correlate with orifice or filter system plugging, or both.

Conforms to the specifications of:
ASTM D2068; IP 387

Ordering Information
Product Description
Cloud and Pour Point Chamber
KLA-6Automatic Filter Plugging Tendency Analyzer (FPT),
115V 50/60Hz
KLA-6 (220)Automatic Filter Plugging Tendency Analyzer (FPT),
220-230V 50/60Hz

Product Description
Glass Fibre Filters, pk of 100
Calibration Box and Cables
Kit of Connectors and Cables for Cold range

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