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LENTON AF / SAF - Ashing furnaces : 1100°C

LENTON AF / SAF - Ashing furnaces : 1100°C
A choice of two models is available.

The AF 11/6 is an economy ashing furnace with a traditional muffle element. It meets the requirement for a low cost unit which will allow materials to be burnt rapidly at closely controlled temperatures.

The SAF 11/1 (shown right) is a more robust traditionally built muffle ashing furnace capable of accepting up to 15 crucibles up to 50mm diameter. 

A chimney is fitted on both models as standard.
ModelAF 11/6SAF 11/1
Maximum operating temperature (°C)11001100
Maximum continuous temperature (°C)10501050
Time to temperature (minutes)7585
Internal dimensions 
(mm - h x w x d)
125 x 178 x 30590 x 170 x 455
External dimensions 
(mm - h x w x d)
495 x 420 x 490700 x 550 x 765
(height including chimney = 1100)
Chanber capacity (/)67
Maximum power (kW)2.27.0
Net weight (kg)3376

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