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LENTON ARF - Air recirculating chamber furnaces : 750°C

LENTON ARF - Air recirculating chamber furnaces : 750°C

Both models in the ARF range have a chamber fitted with a robust stainless steel liner, enabling bulky loads to be treated. Optimum heat transfer, reduced heating times and maximum temperature uniformity are provided by a fan which ciruclates the air within the chamber. The fan and airguide system provide continuous movement of air around the workpiece. 

Heating is provided by mineral insulated sheathed elements, which are fully isolated from the liner. A type 'K' thermocouple is incorporated for maximum life and stability.

This range of furnaces is particularly suitable for a wide range of low temperature heat treatment applications, such as:

- Stress relieving
- Melting low temperature alloys
- Thermal ageing
- Annealing
- Tempering
 ModelARF 7/22ARF 7/45
Maximum operating temperature (°C)750750
Maximum continuous operating temperature (°C)700 700
Time to temperature (minutes) 5050
Internal dimensions 
(h x w x d - mm)
220 x 200 x 495295 x 265 x 575
External dimensions 
(h x w x d - mm) 
700 x 555 x 1015755 x 605 x 1100
Chamber capacity  (l)2245
Maximum power (kW)36
Phase11 or 3
Net weight (kg)88130

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