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LENTON ECF - Laboratory chamber furnaces : 1200°C

LENTON ECF - Laboratory chamber furnaces : 1200°C
A robust range of laboratory chamber/box furnaces, providing an excellent level of versatility without compromising quality, safety or reliability.

All units in the ECF range have a maximum operating temperature of 1200°C. Maximum temperature uniformity is provided by two side-wall heating elements manufactured from high temperature resistance wire spirals embedded into cast refractory slabs. An exhaust chimney is fitted as standard.

The insulated door opens upwards and outwards keeping the hot face insulation away from the operator. A door switch isolates power from the heating elements whenever the door is opened for maximum operator safety. The use of double skin construction allows natural air convection to maintain a cool outer case.

Optional extras

Metal retorts - a variety of metal retorts is available for use with this range of furnaces. This type of retort is generally used to cater for the following process conditions:
  • to maintain controlled atmospheres within the heated chamber;
  • to protect the heating elements and insulation from chemical attack by aggressive volatiles given off by fluxes acids, etc
Note: Ceramic liners may also be used for this particular application - please refer to the AWF models.

Four sided heating - this option upgrades the standard two sided heating to four sided heating and is recommended in the following circumstances:
  • for use with metal retorts and ceramic liners;
  • to improve chamber temperature uniformity to meet specific process requirements;
  • to uprate the furnace power to cope with large loads.

Ashing option
: The ECF chamber furnaces can be modified to incorporate an air exchange system, including a larger chimney, which makes them suitable for the small scale ashing of a wide variety of materials (this option can only be fitted at the time of order).
 ModelECF 12/4 ECF 12/6ECF 12/10ECF12/22ECF 12/30 ECF 12/45
Maximum temperature  (°C)120012001200120012001200
Maximum continuous temperature (°C)115011501150115011501150
Time to temperature (minutes)95115156160180150
Internal dimensions
(h x w x d - mm)
101 x 152 x 254127 x 152 x 305127 x 178 x 406 203 x 228 x 454203 x 305 x 454305 x 305 x 454
External dimensions
(h x w x d  - mm)
655 x 500 x 520700 x 555 x 615 700 x 555 x 615870 x 715 x 760870 x 715 x 760870 x 715 x 760
Chamber capacity (l)
Maximum power (kW)
Net weight (kg) 475864125130130

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