Kamis, 17 Maret 2016

LUDWIG SCHNEIDER Hydrometer with Thermometer Mercury free

LUDWIG SCHNEIDER Hydrometer with Thermometer Mercury free

Hydrometers manufactured from Ludwig Schneider are available environmental safe with Mercury free blue filling. This new products are manufactured according ASTM E2995-14 standard and are available in 24 different measuring range.
As manufacturer Ludwig Schneider extend the product range of mercury free measuring devises for temperature and density.  Following new Hydrometer products are available:
  • Reference temperature: 60 °F
  • Scale Units: 0.1 °API
  • With thermometer: 0..+150 °F in 2 °F 
  • Range: -6 to 101 °API
  • Reference temperature: 15  °C
  • Scale units:  0.5 kg/m3
  • With thermometer -20 +65 °C in 1°C
  • Range: 600 to 1100 kg/m3

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